Welcome at BELATI BERKARAT Blitar Bomblaster Grinding Mayhem !

Belati Berkarat, an extremely pissed off, political hating & Social Distrust themed band from Blitar city, East Java, Indonesia. barrels through the grindcore circuit, proving a serious genre defying statement. this is Nonstop the implosion of acid spitting vocals and volcanic drumming eruptions, the guitars are just a mere wave of static. The music is always in the right time signature. It all fits together. The guitar tone is very dirty and crusty which adds a lot to the guitar riffs and trem parts, it gives it that whole wall of noise quality to with most grind is how the bands tend to throw everything can together and how it rarely fits and destroy. this mixplay crushing between Rotten Sound, Gride, Nasum, The Berzerker, Leng Tch'e, Blockheads and Mumakil. still havecaustic, angry power. It’s as reductive a power as ever, but it still hits right in the belly when bands like this get it right.

BELATI BERKARAT start continue written new material for 3rd Album on 2022 ! Stay Grind !